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"Angels No.3"    32"x 64"   acrylic on canvas  2020

AG painting-18.jpg
"San Francisco" (shadows and shreddings)  84"x 47.5" mixed media  2019
chasing shadows 2.jpg
"Chasing Shadows Yellow Morning"  Acrylic on Canvas

" Rio Carry On"  (shreddings) 13.5"x 12"x 1.5"

"Manhattan"  (shreddings) diptych  72"x 96"  mixed media  2012   (private collection)

"London"  (shreddings)  mixed media 48" x 48"   2010

"Art is the highest form of individualism."

Oscar Wilde

Excerpts from Reviews

"Architectural, geometric and formally composed, the paintings are cerebral and contemplative, appealing primarily to the mind rather than the heart."

"The basic premise reflects a study in the balance of forms beside and against each other and of the balance of colors within those forms."

"Clothespins become buildings, buildings grow faces, bicycles rear up like insects - such flights of fancy are readily inspired by Gelbart's solid, brilliantly colored wood, plastic and metal assemblies....."

"The structural shape is long and narrow, like a skyscraper. The colors are strong and primary.  Sometimes the houses sit in a row on a clothesline: sometimes they are tall birdhouses....."

"The Burden Figure - shrouded, hooded forms like introverted, tormented human beings who had closed in on themselves, physically and emotionally, despite their usual clustering in groups....."

"One has the feeling, in looking at these sculptures, that the artist has 'unburdened' himself of the darker side of human existence and now laughs at it, sharing with us a complex joke on mankind.  Here, also is an emphasis on American influences, rather than the European ones of his earlier work....."


Photograph by Suzy Pafka

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2023  Copyright  Abraham Gelbart  GelbartStudio

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