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The chair form became the subject matter for this series in a very unusual manner. The compositions developed through taking the chair form apart and putting it back together in a different configuration and also adding various shapes in non conforming locations. For example adding additional legs and supports even though they are unnecessary makes the chair still look functional but uncertain whether you should sit on it.

"No.32"  (Chairs296)  watercolor 16"x 20"

"No.31"  (Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.6"  (Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.44 Clip Chair"  (Chairs296)  mixed media

"No.43 Loom Leg Chair"  (Chairs296)  mixed media 

"Loom Leg Chair No.45"  (Chairs296)  mixed media

"Rice Chair No.47"  (Chairs296)  mixed media 31.5"x 15"x 15"

"No.39" (Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.38  Sam Stinger"  (Chairs296)  powder coated steel and aluminum

96"x 108"x 15"

"No.42 mobile chair" (Chairs296)  mixed media    22"x 8.25"x 7.25"

Photograph of Chairs296 exhibit

"No.33"  (Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.30"  (Chairs296)  watercolor  

"No.27"   (Chairs296)  watercolor 20"x 16" (private collection)

"No.17"  (Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.8"  (Chairs296)  watercolor  17"x 12"

"No.26"  Chairs296)  watercolor

"No.22"  (Chairs296)   watercolor

"No.54"  (Chairs296)  watercolor

2023 Copyright Abraham Gelbart GelbartStudio

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