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AG painting-18.jpg
"San Francisco"  (shadows and shreddings)  mixed media  84"x 47.5"  2019
AG painting-16.jpg
"New Orleans"  (shreddings)  mixed media  48"x 48"   2019
AG painting-3a.jpg
"Once Upon a Midnight Madness"  (shreddings)  mixed media   16"x 12"  2010
AG painting-13.jpg
"Pisa"  (shreddings)  mixed media  30"x 40"  2019
AG painting-12.jpg
"Abbot Augustus Low" (shreddings) mixed media  30"x 40"  2019

 "Rome"  (shreddings)  mixed media  60"x 48"  2010

" Summer in the City"  (shreddings)  mixed media  36"x 24"  2010

"Black Hills"  (shreddings) mixed media  36"x 24"  2010

"November Shopping Spree"  (shreddings) mixed media  20"x16" 2009  (private collection)

"Penelope's Purse"  (shreddings) mixed media  8"x 4"x 8"

"Julia's Purse"  (shreddings)  mixed media  17.5" x 11"x 10"  2010 (private collection)

"Adele's Mobile Purse"  (shreddings)  mixed media  21.5"x 8"x 8"  2010

"Enigma"  (shreddings)  mixed media 16" x 12" 2010  (private collection)

"Alabama"  (shreddings)  mixed media  20"x 16"  2010

"Uruguay"  (shreddings)  mixed media 20"x16" 2010 (private collection)

"Paris"  (shreddings)  mixed media 50"x50" 2010 (private collection)

"Elephant Butte Horizon"  (shreddings) mixed media 36"x 36"

"Barcelona"  (shreddings)  mixed media  48"x48"  2010

"Elsa's Purse"  (shreddings)  mixed media  11.25"x7"x17"  2010

"ZooBankCredit"  (shreddings)  mixed media 12"x 12" (private collection)

"Victoria's Secret Account No.50"  (shreddings)  mixed media 16"x 12" (private collection)

"Lisbon Double"   (shreddings)  mixed media  30"x 56" 2010

"Yellow Carrier"  (shreddings)  24"x 10"x 10"

"3 E*TRADE 30005"  (shreddings)  mixed media  16"x 12"

"Gwendolyn's Purse"  (shreddings)  mixed media  19.5"x 7.25"x 7"  2010 (private collection)

"Round Bottom No.32"  (shreddings)  watercolor and ink

"Flat Bottom No.31"  (shreddings)  watercolor and ink

"Half Bottom No.29"  (shreddings)  watercolor and ink

"Dees and Threes"  (shreddings)  inkjet print

"Black and Red"  (shreddings)  mixed media  16"x 12" (private collection)

"Shredding Carrier"  (shreddings)  mixed media

2023 Copyright  Abraham Gelbart  GelbartStudio

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