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"The Maiden, Horace and the Motorhome" inkjet print

"City Living"  (PanChairMan)  inkjet print

"The Factory"  (PanChairMan)  inkjet print

"Sphinx Series no.1" inkjet print

RV Eastlake Series 

The following prints are part of a series entitled RV Eastlake and contain sixteen images. Each print is 4.25"x 6", originates from the same image and then is altered. RV (Rear View)

"Eastlake No.1" (RV)

"Eastlake No.2"  (RV)

"Eastlate No.3"  (RV)

EASTLAKE 12 copy 4.jpg

"Eastlake No.4"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.5"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.6"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.7"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.8"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.9"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.10"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.11"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.12"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.13"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.14"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.15"  (RV)

"Eastlake No.16"  (RV)

"Agua Green"   (RV)  inkjet print

"Agua Red Orange"  (RV)  inkjet print

"Frida"  (PanChair)  inkjet print

"Canyon Belt"  (PanChair)  inkjet print

"Nude Female Sitting"  inkjet print

"Nude Male Sitting"  inkjet print

Reclining Nude lithograph.jpg

Reclining Nude  15.5"x 11"  lithograph

2023 Copyright Abraham Gelbart GelbartStudio

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