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Miscellaneous 2

Shadow Series

"Santa Fe Summer Green" 84"x 72" oil on canvas

"Santa Fe Summer Red" 84"x 72" oil on canvas

"Urban Grey Matter" oil on canvas 24"x 24" 1-5 (private collection)

Tube Chair Sculptures

"Yellow Tube Chair" powder coated steel  84"x 12"x 30"  (private collection)

"Evolution" (PanChair)  powder coated steel  108"x 36"x 48"  (private collection)

Landscape Series 

These abstracted compositions conjure up a familiar time and place even though they are merely glimpses of particular landscapes. The colors and shapes play an important role in conveying this feeling.

"LS 12" watercolor 5.5"x 9.75"

ls #4.jpg

"LS 4" watercolor 5.5"x 9.75"

ls #8.jpg

"LS 8" watercolor 5.5"x 9.75"

"LS 11" watercolor 5.5"x 9.75"

Landscape Study No.1   watercolor  (private collection)

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