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Wheel Series

On a much lighter note, wheels have always been a source of delight for me. Not only because I enjoy automotive design and because cars have wheels but also where we as a society would be  without them. In showing a more playful side to the mundane items in our lives I started placing objects, as we currently perceive them to be, in a more unusual combination and proportion.

"Mobile House Mickey"  painted wood

"Mobile Bird HousePin"  painted metal  (private collection)

"Mobile Houseline No.4 One Pin"  painted metal and wood

"Mobile Houseline No.1"  painted metal and wood  

"Mobile Housepin Wire Frame"  painted metal

"Mobile Housing One"  painted metal and wood  (private collection)

"Mobile Housing Two"  painted wood  (private collection)

"Houseline No.3"  painted wood and metal  (private collection)

"No.46 Mobile Chair"  (Chairs296)  painted wood and metal

"Cyclamils No.1,2,3"  painted metal

"Blue Citroen"  watercolor  (private collection)

"White Renault" watercolor (private collection)

"Aston Martin DB2"  oil on canvas  (private collection)

"Pink Chevrolet"  oil on canvas

"Continental"  oil on canvas

"Mobile Home"  painted wood

"Mobile Faces" lino cut  print

2023 Copyright Abraham Gelbart GelbartStudio

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